Fra Martin

 Dear colleague.

 It has been a privilege to represent the membership of our branch as an industrial unit rep for several years  and now to represent you as Branch Secretary.

 I have been fortunate to have been elected Delivery Section Secretary to the branch since its inception in   
 2008.I have attended many educational courses in line with my roles and also have been lucky enough to be 
 part of branch delegations to CWU Annual Conferences and National Briefings.

 I have served on the Central Committee as the industrial Conveyor and then currently as Assistant Branch 
 Secretary. These roles vary in a degree of responsibility, however the experience of carrying out each role
 determines a good foundation on different aspects of branch business. Therefore the experience and
 knowledge learned along the way holds me in good stead and like all reps, I continue to learn something 
 new each day.

 In closing, I hope to hear from our membership soon within this site and wish you all well in your 
 participation on this website.

 Fra Martin
 Branch Secretary

Clarification of 3.1 & 3.2 of the Conduct Code for Delivery Staff


 It has come to our attention within Delivery Sector that there seems to be ambiguity on the ever present  issue  of sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the Royal Mail Conduct Code with regards to completion (or non-  completion) of Delivery duties. in order to clarify the issue, we have taken the liberty to provide you Section  3.1 and 3.2 of  the Royal Mail Conduct Code verbatim as seen below. For those of you that would like a copy  of this (in PDF Format), please click on the Hyper-linked text on the left hand side of the screen to download  a copy to your device. We hope this goes in some way to clarify this issue.
 Fra Martin

Clarification on Section 3.1 and 3.2 of the Royal Mail Conduct Code


3. Delivery

3.1. Prior to Commencement

A:  Where an employee feels that on completion of preparation he/she may experience difficulty in completing his/her delivery within the authorised time allotted, he/she should approach his/her manager as soon as possible before setting out on delivery. It will be for the manager to discuss any problem and advise the employee what particular action should be taken.


B: When an individual has requested assistance on delivery, but the manager feels that assistance is not required, this decision along with the advice given to the employee will be recorded and associated with the daily traffic volume records. The employee can have access to this record and may ask to see it prior to commencement of his/her delivery. In addition to recording the employee request, the employee will be instructed to ring his/her local manager prior to a specified time or as soon as possible if full completion of delivery workload within the time allotted proves not to be possible.


3.2. After Commencement of Delivery

A: If an individual is prevented from completing their delivery for any reason, it is essential that this is reported immediately either by returning to the office or by telephone (telephone costs will be refunded). A written record will be kept.

B: All employees should be informed of the local authorised arrangements, in writing, preferably in plastic card form if available.

Download the PDF Version of Section 3.1 and 3.2 of the Conduct Code below


Thursday 6th November 2014

Venue - Nottingham



Attendee’s for CWU


·         Dave Ward - Deputy General Secretary

·         Bob Gibson - Assistant Secretary (Outdoor Section)

·         Terry Pullinger – Assistant Secretary (Parcels, Logistics & Quadrant)

·         Billy Hayes – General Secretary


Attendee’s for Royal Mail


·         Sue Whalley – Chief Operations Officer

·         Mike Newbie – ER / IR Director


Below are the main points that were raised at the meeting today.


Dave Ward opened meeting at 13:10 with the main points of interest below :


Dave reported the purpose of this briefing was to respond to the genuine ‘Dynamics’ within the postal industry.


Protecting & Supporting Reps in the field by way of Area-Divisional Reps support.


Dave explained there was no crisis at present, but we must focus on an uncertain future with competition and competitors that may drive down our terms and conditions in a race to the bottom.


This union needs to change direction in the future by looking back and focus on moving forward.


Relationships with Royal Mail are frustrating at local level and relationships are not changing as too many managers want this agreement to work as they cannot change. CWU reps also need to see change in relationships at the same time with some CWU reps needing to change also. Managers are found to be micromanaging this industry, rather than trusting the workforce.


It has been identified that our workforce is an ageing workforce and that we need to look at changes of choice going forward to help the ageing workforce.

In conclusion, Dave made reference to our pay deal in that it was the best trade deal of any trade union to date. He made comment saying that we have the best set of industrial agreements/procedures to protect our members.


Sue Whalley from Royal Mail Group addressed the conference by saying what great people we had working for Royal Mail. Sue recognised that working together with the CWU has achieved a lot.


Sue went on to speak about performance, attendance and competition such as Amazon Logistics and online market changes. Whistle (formally TNT Post) targeting the delivery market as formidable competition.


Working together with CWU, lobbying Westminster about Ofcom ignoring different standards with our competitors.


Royal Mail has invested £130,000,000 on new Personal Data Assistant (PDA’S).


General Secretary CWU Billy Hayes responded to this by saying that he was in the process of meeting with a Select Committee to address Ofcom’s different standards stance in regards to competition.


Labour Party Commitments on the USO and the Living Standard Wage.


Finally, a question and answer session commenced. Many CWU reps spoke about Bullying and Harassment cases and manager’s attitudes that were not acceptable within the industry. I can report that CWU reps who spoke were fantastic and Royal Mail representatives’ left with a strong message to stop bullying and harassment of our members and CWU reps.


Meeting closed at 17:10


Gabriel McCurry - NI Combined Branch Chairman

Friday 7th November 2014

Venue - Nottingham

Day 2.


Attendee’s for CWU


·         Dave Ward - Deputy General Secretary

·         Bob Gibson - Assistant Secretary (Outdoor Section)

·         Terry Pullinger – Assistant Secretary (Parcels, Logistics & Quadrant)

·         Ray Ellis – Assistant Secretary (Technical & Central Services Section)

·         Jane Loftus – (President CWU)


Ray Ellis opened the meeting: Ray spoke about the MTSF review, speaking of enhanced pension /lump sums on VR for members over the age of 55.

He went on to question is the redundancy package at present fit for purpose. We need to analyse the package so we can maximise best terms for our members.

Ray finished off by explaining a review of the MTSF is necessary.

Bob Gibson: Bob advised the briefing that RM was using tools that are un-agreed, and advised attendees to register disagreement.

 Planning Values: Planning values are based on 100% BSI.

  95% is the average that our members are working at in relation to study report; Bob explained that we are   being managed badly.

 Bob spoke about resourcing on annual leave and year round planning.

 Reps need release time to hold resource meetings and daily meetings. If release is not happening bring it 

 through the IR Framework.

 Sunday services: 97 offices trailing opening on Sunday's are dragging there heels at opening more caller’s  
offices as this is a successful trail.

 Revisions: Bob advised not to move past phase 1 until reps have been trained via revision workshops.

 Technology is moving at pace such as Amazon trailing drowns, and RM trailing machines the can  sequence
letters and flats.

Bob concluded speaking about the trailed Argos collection and RM investing £ 130K in new PDA's and that  RM and the CWU need to be pragmatic in making sure we get our uniform fit for purpose especially our   


 Terry Pullinger: Mail Centers, program of work and terms of reference.

 Processing centers need professional workplace manpower planning.

 Parcelforce: Automated parcels, Parcelforce are experiencing growth.

 Network reviews on various tools.


 Quadrant: There is a joint statement in the field; a proper review on standards is required on food,  pricing  etc.

A question and answer took place on the above.

Dave Ward: closed the meeting explaining he will be meeting with our lawyers concerning holiday pay and ongoing court cases in relation to holiday pay.

Jane Loftus Chair closed the meeting.

Gabe McCurry – NI Combined Branch Chairman 

CWU National Briefing on Efficiency, Growth and Incentives – Day One


Download Branch Secretary Report on National Briefing - London 2017  


Download The Four Pillars Briefing